is a decentralized
multigalactic metaverse

Andromeda Metaverse


Andromeda Metaverse(Andverse) brings new expericence to the next blockchain world to embrace a fully decentralized digital life.

Planet #3

Planets exist in the Andromeda Metaverse to be exploered. Planet #3 will be the first planet we are developing.


Own lands and transform to a lake, build your own disctrict, create a park or build a museum on top of it.


Design your dream building, show it to others, display your collectibles inside, or rent a space to others to decorate their own.

Own A Shop

Your own shop to sell lands, buildings, avatars in the metaverse. Mint your own NFTs display and sell in the shop you owned.

DID & Avatars

Dencentralized Identity with customable avatar to create your own apperance in the next gen world.

Andromeda Protocols

The Andromeda Metaverse commercial protocol has an unparalleled openness that facilitates trading and interoperability with various metaverse games and ecologies.

Assets Protocols

Black Box NFT

Blind box trading is a way to play around with avoiding trade matchmaking, increasing liquidity, and how to discover valuable NFTs. With the Andromeda Blind Box Protocol, a batch of NFTs can be sold against a batch of NFTs, and the user will not know the contents of the specific NFTs purchased until after the batch is sold.

NFT Combinator

Synthetic commodities are a combination of multiple NFTs to create a new NFT, which allows the NFT holder to program, recreate, and add some useful functionality to the NFT digital assets they hold. It can be used in the field of digital artwork signature, business contract signing, etc. The NFT holder licenses its NFT to a specific contract and locks it, inviting other NFT holders to recreate the NFT, casting a NFT digital asset with new characteristics.

General Points

Trading nodes can simply and quickly issue digital assets on the Andromeda Client side and maintain their own fan base through points operation. The reasonable release and application of points will drive the growth of the fan base and can maximize the interests of all parties.

Trading Protocols

Pricing & Trading

The Pricing and Trading Protocol is an on-chain protocol that progressively discovers the value of NFTs and can provide the ability to trade NFTs between users, which consists of a combination of contracts.

Proxy Trading

Valuable assets on the chain make your inventory available to the world, allowing social resources to operate more transparently and efficiently. Upstream channel operators authorize their inventory NFT to a designated smart contract, and downstream distributors can access the inventory of that asset from the chain in real time.


The NFT liquidity protocol is a protocol for converting low liquidity non-homogeneous tokens (NFT) into high liquidity homogeneous tokens (FT) through pooling (Pooling).

Decentralized Trust

Instant Credit Protocol is an on-chain real-time credit enhancement protocol that enables physical point-to-point transactions by pledging digital assets to a smart contract at the beginning of the transaction for credit enhancement, and can also be used for reliable promissory notes for convertible NFTs.

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